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Car Line Procedures


4020 Car Line Procedure

If you are participating in car line the times are 7:45 am – 8:20 am in the morning and 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm in the afternoon.

 You should access this campus from Piedmont Parkway and turn onto Mendenhall Oaks Parkway.  If traffic is backed up then you should stack to the right (curb) of the roadway on Mendenhall Oaks Parkway so that normal traffic can still pass.  Turn right onto Meeting Way and stack in the inside travel lane (as if this were a 4 lane road) until you turn left into the campus.  This allows thru traffic to get by you on the right side.  Please do not block entrances to businesses.

Once you make a left onto campus you should turn right and wind around the new parking lot.  This gets as many vehicles as possible off the roadway.  You will then proceed to the rear of the school where you will have plenty of space to make a u-turn and proceed to the front of the school for drop off at 1 of 5 stations.  An adult teacher or staff member will assist your child from your vehicle and make sure they are away from traffic before you proceed.

As you exit the lot you should turn right only and proceed towards Mendenhall Oaks Parkway.    You will only be allowed to turn left onto the campus and right when leaving the campus during carline times, so do not turn onto Meeting Way from HWY 68 and expect to make a right turn onto the campus.

You are not allowed, at any time, to park your vehicle on the street or a nearby lot and walk your child onto campus during car line times.

 If you are not in carline by 8:20 am then you will be required to park in a marked space and walk your child into the school.  If your child arrives after 8:25 am you will need to walk them into the school and sign them in at the front desk.

Do not park in a handicap space unless you have a placard that is registered to you.


If you are a parent that has to visit more than one campus and one of them being 7847 Clinard Farms Rd.. then you should proceed there first.  Your next stop should be 4191 Mendenhall Oaks Parkway and 4020 Meeting Way would be your last stop.

This pattern has proven to run smoothly after parents become accustomed to the route and the staff gets to know the kids and their parents, which usually takes about a week.  After the first week, you can expect to be in the car line for about 5 minutes at each location.

Before and After School Care

PACES (Phoenix After-School Care Enrichment Services) provides quality before and after school care for our students.

PACES offers both a regularly scheduled care program as well as a “drop-in” program on an as-needed basis.  The fees charged include the cost of care, snacks, and program materials.

Learn more at –

Phoenix is proud to also partner with the YWCA to offer additional before and after school care programming.

The after school fee for Phoenix students is $140 per month draft beginning in September. The before care fee for Phoenix students is $25 per week. If students participate in YWCA after school programming the registration fee is waived for the before care.

Learn more about the program at –

YWCA Before School Registration Form // YWCA After School Registration Form

Join a Committee

Phoenix Families are asked to volunteer at least 4 hours a month and complete the volunteer application. Volunteers may accrue hours by attending classroom parties, eating lunch with their children, chaperoning field trips, Character Partners, or participating in a variety of opportunities throughout the year.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email

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